Pandemis chlorograpta

Author: Meyrick, 1931

Species Overview:

Adult: 17-24 mm wingspan; forewings pale ochreous with fine dark strigulation; markings pale-edged, inner margin of median fascia not produced; hindwings light fuscous; antennae of male with notch.

Taxonomic Description:


Pandemis chlorograpta male
External characters: 17-20 mm wingspan; labial palp, head and antenna pale ochreous, antenna with notch; inner surface of palp, frons, and upper half of antenna whitish; thorax ochreous. Forewing not dilated terminally; termen hardly sinuate, not oblique. Ground colour light ochreous with fine dark strigulation. Markings ochreous; outer margin of basal patch, margins of median fascia and inner margin of apical spot edged with light ochreous. Outer margin of basal patch straight; median fascia slightly constricted below the costa and somewhat broadening towards the posterior margin, its inner margin almost straight. Subapical spot semi-triangular; cilia brownish. Hindwing light fuscous; cilia paler with darker subbasal line (Yasuda, 1975b; Razowski, 1978).

male genitalia P. chlorograpta
Genitalia: Uncus broad, expanding caudally, distinctly concave in middle of apical edge. Valva broad, about as long as wide, prominent ventro-caudally, caudal margin concave medially. Sacculus slender; transtilla broad, narrow medially. Aedeagus provided with dorso-lateral denticle situated apically.


Pandemis chlorograpta females
External characters: 20-24 mm wingspan; antenna without notch; forewing costa more curved outwards in basal third; apex more prominent.

female gen. P. chlorograpta
Genitalia: Cup-shaped portion of sterigma fairly large, less tapering proximally than in Pandemis cinnamomeana ; sclerite of antrum much longer, swung laterally; sclerites of corpus bursae smaller.


Material in BMNH collected between mid June and late September.

Host plants:

Malus pumila, Malus baccata, Fragaria ananassa, Phaseolus sp., Populus nigra, Picea jezoensis, Abies sachalinensis, Polygonum cuspidatum, Lonicera gracilipes var. glandulosa.


China, Japan.


Pheromone unknown.


Z 11-14Ac : 8
E 11-14Ac : 2
(Ando et al., 1981)