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Arthropods of Economic Importance:
Eurasian Tortricidae

An illustrated identification guide and information source


The Tortricidae (leafrollers) are one of the largest families of the so-called micro-lepidoptera, with over 5000 described species and a large number still to be recorded, especially in the tropics. Though worldwide in distribution, the family is more strongly represented in temperate and tropical upland regions then in the lowland tropics and probably reaches its greatest diversity in the moss forests of tropical latitudes.

The family is of great economical importance: the larvae of many representatives cause major economic damage in agriculture, horticulture and forestry on a wide variety of crops including pome and stone fruits, citrus fruits, grapes, ornamental crops, tea, coffee, cereals and cotton. In forestry, many species of both coniferous and deciduous trees are attacked by the pest species.

About this PROJECT

This PROJECT provides illustrated descriptions of 189 Eurasian tortricid pest species (including genitalia characters), brief descriptions of the immature stages, information on their life-histories, host plants, distribution, parasitoids and attractantia, and diagnostic characters for 62 related non-pest species. It also contains an interactive, illustrated key to both males and females of the 190 most frequently encountered species.

The Picture Key is based on both external and genitalia characters, where possible, these are combined. Otherwise, the most obvious characters are provided. When identification is complete, one should always check the full taxonomic description in the species card and compare the provided illustrations with the identified specimen.

The series 'Arthropods of Economic Importance'

This PROJECT is part of the series 'Arthropods of Economic Importance', a joint project from the Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification, the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) and CAB International, in coöperation with the Natural History Museum, London, UK.

Titles to follow in this series are:
- 'Diaspididae of Economic Importance'
- 'Agromizidae of Economic Importance'

Title: Arthropods of Economic Importance: Eurasian Tortricidae
Author: Drs Lynn Meijerman & Dr Sandrine A. Ulenberg
Year of publication: 2000
Copyright: ETI / ZMA
ISBN: 3-540-14709-8